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Take the test: Are you making an impact?

How well does your organization fulfill its purpose? Are you up to the task Take this test, and find out where you are on The Impact Maturity Scale – and how to move forward.

Do you have the organization it takes to create change in the world? Answer the 15 questions in this test and learn more about yourself and your impact. [Photo: JumpStory]

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You want to make a positive difference in the world. But are you actually achieving what you set out to do?

The English consultancy Good Innovation has developed an Impact Maturity Scale that helps you assess how far you as an organization have come in your work to create impact.

The starting point for the scale is that many organizations and companies want to be a positive force in the world. But it is not easy. The problems can be large, complex and multifaceted and require shaking up your organisation. And change rarely comes by itself.

The scale reflects a journey

The maturity scale is intended both for organizations that were born with a purpose from the start, and companies that want to develop their business in a more sustainable direction.

Therefore, the scale reflects the journey that begins with budding aspirations, develops into actual strategy and gradually develops stronger and stronger legs to stand on.

It exemplifies that there are many ways to create change in an organization. The desire to turn the supertanker in a quick handbrake turn is doomed to fail, while the change process can be made manageable by systematically sending out small speedboats.

Start the conversation about impact

And where do you find yourself on the scale?

How mature is your organization?

And how is it going with fulfilling your purpose – or with restructuring your organization so that it is equipped to live up to your strategy?

You can test that here by going through the 15 questions that will make you more aware of where you are on the Good Innovations Impact Maturity Scale.

See the questions more as conversation starters than as a checklist.

Click here to take the test. Enjoy.

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